Saturday, April 5, 2008


Oh, this baby is so innocent. She trusts us to meet her every need. She expects that we will always make the best decisions for her. We're trying, Mary girl, we really are.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture.

Gabi, I'll be thinking of you and Mary, and your entire family on Friday. I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly.


MaPi said...

You are making the best decisions for her and have been since the day you found out you were pregnant. I can't imagine the nervousness, the worry, the stress of all that is occurring. I am here for you if you need anything. I love you and my nieces and nephews.

Claire said...

Gabi, I was so happy to hear from Dan that it sounds like things are going ok. We have been thinking about you and Mary and the boys all day,and you are in our prayers! Love, Claire