Sunday, October 26, 2008

There's Just Something About Carrie

We had a very special visitor this evening. Carrie, the surgical nurse from Loyola, came for dinner. She is the amazing person who (literally) held our hands through Mary's first surgery, and then came back to Loyola (after she had taken a position with another hospital), just for Mary's second surgery! I really can't express how much Carrie means to our family. She was the person who walked us through everything that would be happening with the surgery, and then acted as a liaison between us and the operating room during the actual event. But what really endeared her to me, were the days in the hospital during Mary's first recovery. Six days post-partum for me + major surgery for brand new baby girl = emotional roller coaster. Multiply that by several medical professionals with different opinions, with poor Carrie being the most approachable of them all, and that means she got to deal with me, mama bear, in all my hormonal, breast-milk pumping glory :) Carrie really does an exceptionally good job - she is clear without being overly explicit, and is reassuring while still being realistic. She is such a blessing to all of the families she works with - and now we are so lucky to also call her our friend!

Although Mary wasn't interested in a photo shoot - in her heart, she loves Carrie, too :)
Of course, Sam, the ladies man, had to get in on the action, as well~

Isn't she sweet?

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