Monday, June 8, 2009

Holter Monitor

We saw Dr. Varga on Friday. He said Mary looked beautiful. We won't see him again until March of next year! At our visit he explained that he will monitor Mary's heart once a year with a Holter monitor, to check for cardiac arrhythmias. She had to keep it on for 48 hours - we just took it off this morning. This is probably the most difficult age to do this - she's old enough to grab at the leads, but not old enough to understand why she shouldn't. She did pretty well with it, though~
This was a cell phone they gave us to continuously transmit the data. Technology is really amazing. The downside to this was it had to be within 10 feet of Mary at all times, and she did not like to wear it (it was pretty heavy for someone who weighs barely 20 lbs.). So Scott, the boys and I took turns chasing after her this weekend.
Here's our girl attempting to blow bubbles for the first time (at our church picnic, where daddy won the 1st Annual Cornhole Tournament with Gary B.)~
Isn't she cute?

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Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

The cutest one is Mary looking down at the leads. You can just imagine what she's thinking!