Friday, June 26, 2009

Chinny Chin Chin

I guess it just wouldn't be childhood without a trip to the ER... Tonight at bedtime, Mary was jumping on the bed, and split her chin open on the nightstand :( Scott and I debated whether the cut needed stitches for about 15 minutes before calling the neighbor to stay with the boys and heading over to CDH.

The doctor there decided to use dermabond. Here's Mary waiting for the topical anesthetic to take effect~
Shrek was on TV while we were there - Mary was mesmerized~
She was so brave and patient while they applied the glue. I held her arms, but she didn't even cry. She just seemed sadly resigned to the whole thing. The nurse held her head still, and Mary just sat there with her little lip quivering the whole time. They were very nice and two different people commented on what a beautiful child she is.
Sound asleep after her ordeal - her chin doesn't look too bad~

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