Thursday, May 1, 2008


Mary is 6 months old today. Before she was born, people would say how wonderful it would be to have the surgery behind us. Scott would tell me he couldn't wait for it to be past. Even while I was still pregnant, though, I knew that rushing that time, also meant rushing her babyhood. I am so, so relieved to have her surgery over with - but, yes, all of the anxiety and anticipation rushed her babyhood, as well. She is no longer an infant. She definitely is a full blown baby! She loves being outside, and her favorite thing to do is watch her big brothers run around. She rolls from front to back, and back to front, all the time. We haven't yet seen a tooth pop through, but Mary enjoys gnawing on apple slices and tortilla chips. We're having a lot of fun - all of us!

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