Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Mary is still sick. We saw her pediatrician yesterday - she has a stuffed-up nose, and conjunctivitis, and a cough that "sounds croupy". He prescribed some ($45!) ointment for her eyes and said to call if she gets worse.

All that did not stop us from taking the train into the city and walking over to Millennium Park. Mary catnapped most of the day, and threw up once. Here she is enjoying the Family Fun Festival -
On the train ride home, the woman sitting next to us couldn't stop commenting on how pretty Mary is. She looked at her and said, "Her face is absolutely perfect". She even called a friend to tell her she was sitting next to an adorable baby! Mary really does delight all those who meet her.

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tracy said...

She is going to be pissed some day that you did not cash in on her cuteness and I will be there to tell you I told you so....